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Hometown: Inland Empire, California Current Label: Unsigned or Unknown Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Joe-Guitar/Lead vocals
Tory- (Genius mathematician who INTENSELY calculates)

Uprise Bio:

Uprise began orchestrating in 2004. We had already been friends for some time when one day we decided to begin playing as a group. In doing so, the passion grew to musically express our views on life and society. Most of us had grown up with each other since baby kinder. With many musical influences as kids, Uprise began writing lyrics and music in Tory's garage located in the "CPG's". Highly motivated to write our own music we began to play the punkrock. After the backyards we started playing venues as they happily convinced us to selling 30 tickets @ 12 bucks a piece with a non refundable deposit of $100 with the addition of being their domestic slaves for 7 days.(Did I mention we had 0 fans and at the time we were only 14yrs old?) The deposits weren't actually non refundable. They just didn't give it back to us after we met the ticket sales or slavery week. Never the less, the day of the shows we rocked the house. Too bad there was no one to see us. We were a band in the making. But...we didn't give up. Even in hard times. Still going strong today, we bring the noise thanks to Chris O and T Milo. All four dudes that make Uprise have an equal influence on the music. We listen to ALL kinds of punk and don't stand for just one. Fortunately we all do our own thing and it comes together. By doing that the outcome is songs we love and you dancing with your grandma. Till a sucka gets licked, we don't believe in replacing band members since its the dudes that make the band and music what it is. Word!? Some things will never change like the strong bond of friendship we are as a group. It is the sheer passion for music and friendship that makes us a band. And of course the mighty force of Love and chocolate cookies. Be sure to check out our Upcoming shows! Come out and meet us! "Greater Things Have Yet To Come"


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    you guys are the COOLEST =D!!!

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