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Vibram 94

Vibram 94
Hometown: Jersey City, New Jersey Current Label: United Riot Records Websites: MySpace Profile
Band Members: Bohdan- Vocals
Taj Majors- Bass
Pete Jorgen - Guitar
Unknown soldier - drums

Vibram 94 Bio:

Vibram 94 was started in 1994 in between Bohdan outta Jersey City, NJ and Taj Majors out of NYC. The two started working on some songs paying 20$ an hour to practice in Jersey studios as practice places were unheard of. After a mix of members here and there we landed Pete Jorgen (Broken Heros) and some guy named Bob on drums. After playing our first gig at a basement party as a last minute drunk "hey why not" with Phil Templar fillin in on the kit. We felt we were ready. We played shows at The PipeLine in jersey with bands such as Wretched Ones and alot is a blur. I do know we played D.C. and the city with Section Five. The best gig was prob the first time The Buisness ever set foot on American soil and played at Tramps with Battle Cry, Templars, Oxblood and Pist n Broke. Followed by another gig in Chapel Hill with southern legends Patriot, Broken Heros, and Stormwatch. Many shows inbetween. ALL in all a great time but frustrating due to commitment levels and location of members and difficulties finding places to practice. Finally recorded 8 songs at the famous Acre Studios in NY and had Carl play all guitar tracks and Phill on drums. 4 of those songs were put out on Helen of OI! Fight to Win e.p. The others are standing by to be released on Sta Press Records titled "Youll Never Take Us" The color glossy sleeves were completed but never pressed. They still sit there 1000 sleeves with no vinyle to put in them. Maybee one day. Should of watched your back could of seen us coming , now its to late you better start running. Got you in our sight there is no escape, we wont turn back , we wont debate.

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