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Wasted Potential

Wasted Potential
Hometown: London, Ontario Current Label: Get Party Records Websites: Facebook Profile
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WASTED POTENTIAL are made up of 5 dudes who could probably wrestle your dad into submission with a single flex of any one of their pectoral muscles, but instead they put those fine pecks to good use by slinging instruments over their shoulders and jamming your ears full of music so incredible that you'll sneeze honey and pee orange juice, all you need is some toast and WASTED POTENTIAL have practically made a delicious breakfast FOR you. The band plays a blend of 1 part melodic hardcore, 1 part skate punk with a twist of in your face yelling that would bring your dead grandmother back to life so she could yell "what's that racket" and promptly die again. Lyrically the band is masterful, with aggression filled riffs so delightful you'll forget "Grumpy Cat" ever existed and a solo guitarist whos "solo face" could bring a pot of coffee to a boil with only a handful of pinch harmonics. If you don't like WASTED POTENTIAL you're probably (nay, DEFINITELY) a horrible person.


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    beautiful done nice work

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