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Wolves And The Radio

Wolves And The Radio
Hometown: Boston Current Label: Anchorless Records Websites: MySpace Profile
Band Members: Matt Murphy - Guitar and Vocals
Steve Terry - Guitar and Vocals
Ian Yorke - Drums
Brian Jones - Bass

Wolves And The Radio Bio:

Wolves and the Radio are a band that harkens back to a time when punk was more about heart than hair. The songwriting clearly articulates the emotions that are at the center of all good music. Friendship, the tribulations of leaving your hometown to pick up the pieces, and the need to use music as an outlet to help stand against the strains of modern life.

The pack(get it) started in summer of 2009 by old friends Matt Murphy (Goodnight Neverland) and Steve Terry (Larcenist), later joined by Ian York. Growing up on bands like The Get Up Kids, American Steel, and Journey, the two upstate transplants(now residing in Boston, MA) stopped shaving and joined forces so the lumberjackesque friends could have a few beers and do what they love (write music, not cut down trees).

Upstate NY and Boston play a central role in the songwriting and it is that setting that lends to the natural desperation that is ever-present for Wolves both musically and vocally.

There is a moment when you hear a band that you know will stay with you and be a part of your life's soundtrack, Wolves are absolutely one of those bands that make you feel like wading through the sea of disingenuous music was well worth it. One of the bands that will shake you with sincerity and let you know you're not alone.

At the end of the day these boys are good friends and it shows through in their music and the laughter and banter of their live shows. Revelry and good times are what these boys are after and if their live show is any indication of things to come then it would seem we all have something to look forward to

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