Ben Weasel fights on stage, hits a woman, gets thrown out of his own show

Screeching Weasel front-man, Ben Weasel, has always had a reputation for being somewhat of a dick.  He’s a punk rocker, so it’s generally accepted as OK and his escapades are mostly viewed as mild entertainment for the rest of us.  His latest misadventure, however, might tip the scales of public perception from lovable-if-grumply punker to straight up psychopath.

According to witnesses (and backed up by this pretty damning video) the altercation ensued after Ben Weasel was hit in the face with an ice cube during a show.  In response, the pop-punk vocalist, calmly places the mic back in its stand and proceeds to land a gnarly right hook to the jaw of the instigator, which may or may not have been a chick (details are fuzzy and I can’t tell from the vid despite my replaying it 500 times).  Mayhem quickly ensues on stage as a female bartender (possibly one of the owners of the venue according to reports) attempts to pull Weasel away from the person he just cold-cocked.  Weasel then roughs her up a bit and looks to be winding up for another right-cross before security grabs him mid swing and drags him from the stage.

F’ing insane!  Details are still fuzzy on the situation leading up to the event but the fight itself was all caught on tape and you can check it out here.


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