Bill Stevenson talks about new Descendents album, the future of ALL and possible new music from FLAG

Communities Digital News recently conducted an interview with legendary drummer Bill Stevenson, who talked about the long-awaited new Descendents album, the future of ALL and the possibility of new music from FLAG. About the new Descendents record, Bill said that a new Descendents album, which will be their first since 2004’s Cool to Be You, is on the way and the band will focus work on it for the coming months:

“We started on it. We’re not really far into it, but we’re making it a priority to kind of focus on it in the coming months.”

Asked what the future holds for ALL, Bill replied, “ALL is playing some shows in Europe next week as well. We’re all going over there. So, we’ll do some ALL shows and some Descendents shows. We don’t have any recording plans as such. I guess at this time, I don’t have enough hours in the day. Is that what this is coming down to? That’s what it feels like.”

On the possibility of FLAG writing new material, Bill stated, “It has not been discussed or proposed by any of us. That whole thing was just for fun for us, which makes it all the more just disgusting the way it all went down. It was just a fun thing for us. We’ve never talked about new writing or new material or anything.”

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