Album Review: Blacklisted – “When People Grow, People Go”

After a lengthy break, Blacklisted have decided to head back to the foundation that pulled them into the limelight. And that’s through straight-up, in-your-face hardcore. No deviations, no experimentation. Just pure, unadulterated hardcore. It’s another track-set steeped in unbridled, energetic and rage-filled chapters for a band that’s been missed for way too long.

Tracks like “Insularized” and “Turn In The Pike” represent what they do best. It’s Blacklisted going at it through mammoth riffing, heavy double-kicking and basslines that wrap around as if they’re choking you. Everything’s intense. The tension and apprehension in George Hirsch’s vocals also come at you like never before. Open, honest, emotional and simply, notes that lay it all out on the line. The record shows why all their past albums were works of art but more so, why When People Grow, People Go is the defining statement of their career. It ups the ante. Deeply.

By the time tracks like “Burnt Palms” and the album’s title track round things off, it feels like an aneurysm. In a good way. Each track’s short enough to build replay value and sets the bar for modern hardcore so high. Every jam earworms you because it feels so visceral in its loudness. If Code Orange are the Kings of modern hardcore, then no doubt, Blacklisted are the ones who passed the crown down. And guess what? They’ve surely taken back the reins to the Kingdom with this piece of majesty. A triumphant return, indeed.

4.5/5 Stars

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