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  • Hey tagup, going to games is expecnsive and take a lot of time out of your wekened, especially if you have to travel a few hours. The band wagon fan thing doesn’t sell, most are long time fans, probably longer than you I’d bet, and given the economy, time constraints, Watching a team implode in front of you doesn’t appeal to many folks, that is why winners sell out and losers have EMPTY seats. Ya, the Beavs can still salvage a mediocre season, but that are the realistic odds on that, probably 25% OR LESS. Hell, they can barely field a team right now with all the injuries and position question marks. Don’t get caught up the you’re not a real fan deal, you will lose every time. It’s not the fans playing down there it is the players and the team, including the coaches. I’d suggest pointing your frustration that direction. We all want them to win after all, in lieu of that, at least be competative!!

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