Blast From The Past DVD: Social Distortion – “Live in Orange County” (from 2003)

Normally we reserve these posts for weekends but its like crickets in the punk blogosphere this Monday morning.  I suppose it is Veteran’s day but does anybody really get that off work/school?  I sure as hell don’t.  Anyway, here’s something to keep you entertained until something really exciting happens.

You can watch Social Distortion‘s full 2003 “Live In Orange County” DVD right here.





1.”Making Believe”
3.”Sick Boy”
4.”Telling Them”
5.”Bad Luck”
6.”Footprints On My Ceiling”
7.”Don’t Drag Me Down”
8.”I Wasn’t Born To Follow”
9.”Another State Of Mind”
10.”The Creeps”
11.”Mommy’s Little Monster”
12.”Mass Hysteria”
13.”99 To Life”
14.”Ring Of Fire”
15.”Story Of My Life”

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