Blink-182 to enter studio within the next 90 days

The LA Times is reporting that Blink-182 will be in the studio within 90 days to record their next release:

After leaving longtime home Interscope Records, Blink is in talks for a new deal. It expects to record new material within the next 90 days. Nostalgia surrounding the 10th anniversary of “Blink-182” notwithstanding, the idea is to channel the 2003 mojo into the new material.

Step 1: shack up in some opulent SoCal spot for the duration of recording. This time, Hoppus said, they’re thinking Malibu.

We’ll keep you posted as more details surrounding new material from the band come to light! Blink-182 parted ways with Interscope Records last October and self-released their latest EP “Dogs Eating Dogs” a few months later.

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