Boston Rock Rolled into Ocean Mist Last Weekend

Dave Minehan, Lee Harrington, and John Lynch of The Neighborhoods
Dave Minehan, Lee Harrington, and John Lynch of The Neighborhoods at Ocean Mist

This was our first time at the Ocean Mist.  We went to see the band, but were pleasantly surprised by everything the venue/restaurant offered.  It’s a simple, homey place with good food and Guinness on tap, but with the added bonus of being right on the beach.  While you’re waiting for a table you can go down the back stairs, walk just a few feet across the sand, look across the never-ending horizon at the sunset, and dip your toes into the Atlantic.  Perfect for a nice summer night!

The opening band, Two Guys and Another Guy, impressed us right away with a cover of Bowie’s “Starman.”  They jokingly introduced themselves as “the longest running opening act in Rhode Island.” They’ve been going strong for 30 years now!  And I can see why they‘ve lasted so long; they play great music (their own tunes as well as covers) and make a real connection with their audience.

Two Guys and Another Guy at Ocean Mist
Two Guys and Another Guy opening for The Neighborhoods at Ocean Mist

I would describe these guys collectively as being that person at the party that not everyone knows, but everyone wants to hang out with.  They played a handful of songs that really rocked, covering the stage with their energy and jumping at many final notes.  They then closed with a cover of another much-loved Bowie song, Moonage Daydream.

Two Guys and Another Guy at Ocean Mist
Two Guys and Another Guy opening for The Neighborhoods at Ocean Mist

The Neighborhoods graced the stage next to the screams of many in the crowd, all reaching out and trying to touch them.  And I’m not just talking about the drunk girls either!  They’re a small band from Boston, with a big sound and an all-encompassing stage presence. Both men and women alike have been following this band for decades, back from when they first won the WBCN Rock-n-Roll Rumble.  In recent years, The Neighborhoods have been playing sporadically but never enough for their fans, many willing to drive the two hours out of Boston to see their favorite band!

David Minehan, Lee Harrington, and John Lynch of The Neighborhoods
David Minehan of The Neighborhoods singing to the crowd

When Dave Minehan first came out, grinning as he looked across the audience, he exclaimed, “I’m bored, let’s do something about it!” Everyone screamed in agreement and jumped as the band lit into their set, starting with a few of the old songs.  They played all the songs that everyone wanted to hear; songs from a number of their albums and many from their most recent, The Last Rat, including “Arrogance,” “Monday Morning,” and “Innocence Lost.”  They also teased us with a couple of songs from their much-anticipated new album, both sung by bassist Lee Harrington.

Lee Harrington and John Lynch of The Neighborhoods
Bassist Lee Harrington and Drummer John Lynch

During a quiet moment in the set Lee played a familiar riff, quickly recognized as Aerosmith’s “Same Old Song and Dance.” Drummer John Lynch reminded us, “Let’s get some good vibes going for our good friend Joe Perry.”  And Minehan reiterated, “A good friend of the Neighborhoods.”

Dave Minehan posing for a cell phone pic
Dave Minehan posing for a cell phone pic

The Neighborhoods played for almost 2 hours and to the delight of many, came back soon after their break for a long encore which included their big hit “Prettiest Girl,” as well as a bunch of covers.  It was a hot night and even hotter under the stage lights but this didn’t stop any of the activity on stage or off, they were jumping the entire night.  Of course, everyone had their cell phones out to capture these moments, so nice to have especially as memories fade.  How did we ever manage in our youth without them?!  : )

The Neighborhoods at Ocean Mist

This was billed as the ‘Hoods last show of the summer.  No one wants to wish away these warm days, but another show would sure make the colder months easier to welcome. Knowing that new music is on the way sweetens the deal even more.  With Minehan in front of the mic and behind the board at Woolly Mammoth Sound the new album will be sure to make a splash!

Dave Minehan of The Neighborhoods
Dave Minehan fronting The Neighborhoods

And If you want to stock up on ‘Hoods merch before the next show, you can get it at QRST’s store.

Neighborhoods’ Setlist:

  1. Dangerous
  2. WUSA
  3. Evil Knievel
  4. One Day Older
  5. Don’t Look Down (from new album, sung by Lee Harrington)
  6. Half Life
  7. Arrogance
  8. Monday Morning
  9. Innocence Lost
  10. Anything
  11. Parasite
  12. Mr. Reeves
  13. Pure And Easy
  14. Reptile Man
  15. Now You Would
  16. Hangin’
  17. Goodbye Gone Era
  18. I Can’t Explain (The Who)
  19. Think It Over



  1. We Are All Alone (from new album, sung by Lee Harrington)
  2. 2.   You’ve Got Time (Regina Spektor song, Orange Is The New Black theme)
  3. Hot Love (Cheap Trick)
  4. She’s So Good
  5. Prettiest Girl
  6. I Fought The Law (The Clash)
  7. All Day and All Of The Night (The Kinks)
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