Bracket reveal tracklisting for “Rare Cuts – Vol. 3”, announce plans to release two new albums

California pop-punk legends Bracket have revealed the tracklisting (see below) for the third installment in their rarites/b-sides album series “Rare Cuts,” and have also announced plans to release two new albums:

Like the last two “Rare Cuts” releases, this is not new Bracket music, but most of you haven’t heard most of these, and all of you haven’t heard a few of these. The “Rare Cuts” digital albums are being released to help us afford the physical release of two brand new Bracket albums. We just finished recording one of them – expect the release of the first of 2 new Bracket albums in early 2014. Previews will make their way to our facebook page soon!

We’ll keep you posted as more details surrounding the band’s two new records come to light!

“Rare Cuts – Vol. 3” is set to be released on November 15th and it will be available for streaming/purchase on the Bracket bandcamp site. “Rare Cuts Vol. 2” (stream here) was released on June 14th and the first volume (stream here) was released on March 12th.


1. Hearing Aid
2. Smile Again (Good Life Crisis Demo)
3. Homesick
4. Harmony Test
5. Fresh Air (Live/Radio)
6. My Boyfriend’s Back
7. Warren’s Song Pt. 8
8. New Ang Song (Demo)
9. G-Vibe (John Peel Sessions)
10. Everyone Is Telling Me I’ll Never Win If I Fall In Love With A Girl From Marin (Acoustic)
11. Ting (Unreleased-Novelty-Forever-Outtake-Instrumental)
12. Closed Captioned (Demo)
13. Warren’s Song Pt. 13

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