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  • You people are so sceewrd in the head you justify child molestation based on singing talent, WTF, tell that to the girl who was taken at 8, rapped repeatedly then let go after that asshole makes her bare his children. Oh wait his isn’t singing you songs to Step To so his abomination was a gift from the devil I guess. I am so over people smacking only God can judge you stickers on everything which is plainly WRONG. Most of you cannot have children defending this liar. If you do God protect them from your retarded assess. Roman Polanski made great movies which means he should be let go too cause gave him a talent too.. One out of four women will be sexually assualted in their lifetime. I guess it would be dfifferent if it were your child or he was singing soft melodic songs in your ear. DO you actually read what you write you moraines. Let me get out of here just reading your posts has made my IQ lower.

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