Brianna Collins (Tigers Jaw): “It Is Never Okay to Touch Someone Without Their Consent”

Last night during Tigers Jaw‘s headlining performance in NYC, a fan jumped on stage and attempted to kiss band member Brianna Collins. This event came after a fan did the exact same thing during the opener’s (Pity Sex) set. Now Collins has released a statement regarding these events. It’s incredibly disturbing that someone could have this sense of entitlement to begin with, and Collins shouldn’t even have to make a statement, but since the human race is full of disappointments it is worth repeating: do not touch someone without their consent. Here’s her full statement:

Last night at the Music Hall of Williamsburg, someone came on stage and very forcibly tried to kiss me, and actually did kiss Britty [Drake, of Pity Sex] while she was playing. Another person from the tour was kissed while taking a photo… This tour is the first time something like this has happened to me, and I definitely feel responsible to say something.

IT IS NEVER OKAY TO TOUCH SOMEONE WITHOUT THEIR CONSENT. Ever. I felt so upset and violated, as did the others who this happened to.. Touching someone without their consent is not only upsetting for that person, but is also a crime. We all need to respect each other’s space — whether it’s someone in the band or someone crowd surfing. I just want to play music with my friends and I shouldn’t have to be worried whether or not every person stage diving is going to do something like that. I don’t want it to come down to having to say that there’s no stage diving allowed at our shows, but if stuff like this keeps happening and I feel unsafe and uncomfortable when we play, I don’t know any other solution.

So please – DO NOT EVER touch/kiss/grab someone that has not given you consent to do so. You are not entitled to that no matter what the situation is. Be a decent human being and keep your hands to yourself.

– Brianna

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