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  • Review by H. Sapiens for Rating: I am giving this 5 stars beacsue it does what it is supposed to do stand upright while you load it up with bottles of every size. It has yet to tip, even with a curious cat about and being overloaded with some oversized glass bottles. An additional plus is that it comes apart for storage. The drip tray underneath is more than adequate and the base very sturdy ours actually is green, completing the holiday ensemble. Perhaps a not-so-red color would have been more easy on the eyes, but, hey, it’s a conversation piece!

  • I am new to this band. I have missed a lot. It took 15 years to find this band. Living in the High Desert it has been VERY hard to find punk music. In 2000, I was working at Target up here in Lancaster, and there was a lot of punks/goth/alternative people here, just like everywhere else, but being older, I just did not know of a ‘scene’ here. There actually was and still is, and I am just a casual punk, just enjoying he music and not going to shows, even if there arent too many. I am very limited to my listening, I like the old sound. Which brings me to this recording by Broken Bottles called Hospital. It takes me back to the early 1980’s. The sound is reminiscent of the L.A./O.C. sound of about late 1979 through about late 1982. By 1983, punk just went very hardcore and metal kinda crept into the punk sound (Social Distortion’s first record notwithstanding). Anyway, I really like this band. Really, a guy my age will love to watch this band live.I certainly love their record. Thanks, cause a band like this keeps punk alive and well.

  • Wow!!Great Work…..

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