Brooklyn’s THICK streams new EP “Would You Rather?”

In case you’re not well versed on what’s coming out of the Brooklyn Underground all girl 3-piece THICK would be a good place to start. Their tunes are oozing with attitude and three ladies from New York City truly dominate the stage when they play live. They don’t have a huge catalog of songs but there isn’t a single bad one in the bunch thus far.

Their newest recording Would You Rather? Dropped on May, 22nd and it’s an abrasive 10-minutes of music with some really clever songwriting and tremendous musicianship. THICK doesn’t only know how to write a great song, but they really know how to perform it well. Their use of harmony and their bridges are truly top notch.

It is impossible to pick a single from the four songs because honestly, all four of them could easily be a single. They all have relatable lyrics, infectious choruses, and unforgettable riffs. This may not be a masterpiece but it is the best THICK has had to offer so far and a really builds up the excitement for a full-length.

Give the release a listen below.

Photo by
Thick at Zone 1 Elsewehre in Buckwick Brooklyn.

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