Brooks Wackerman quits Bad Religion

After weeks of speculation, Bad Religion drummer Brooks Wackerman confirmed on his Twitter account this morning that he has left the band after 15 years of touring and recording, as he decided to “pursue another path”. He explains:

“After 15 years, 6 records and countless tours- I’ve decided to move on from Bad Religion.

This wasn’t an easy decision to make after spending a good chunk of my life in such an iconic band, but after reassessing my future in music it was time for me to pursue another path.

As I’m writing this, my mind is flashing back to my audition with these guys in 2000. I’ll never forget how exhilarating it was to play “Stranger Than Fiction” (my first song) with them and how well we all jelled, as I was doing my best to camouflage my nerves while walking into Cole Studios in Los Angeles, CA.

To have this education and growth has been invaluable to me, and I’m forever grateful to this band for allowing me to be part of a movement that I can honestly look back on our time together and say, “I’m proud of what we accomplished”.


Bad Religion still plan to tour South America in March and record a new album. The band has not yet announced a replacement for Wackerman, but rumor has it that Bobby Schayer has been asked by fans to rejoin the band. Schayer was the drummer for Bad Religion from 1991 to 2001, when Wackerman replaced him.

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  • To me Shayer stop playing in Bad Religion because of health problem.
    He had a shoulder injury and couldn’t play as fast as the band need…So i don’t think he’ll come back again.

  • As a longtime Bad Religion fan, this is crushing news. I loved his style. That said, I hope they choose wisely finding his replacement. There are very few drummers out there with the hardcore chops to keep up with Bad Religion and I personally would love to see the godfather of hardcore — Lucky Lehrer of the Circle Jerks —drum for Bad Religion.
    Lucky is apparently not in a band right now. He is so under-utilized these days! I’ve seen play a few times in recent weeks at the Lucky Strikes bowling alley jam night on Wednesday nights in Hollywood and he just KILLED IT every time! On one night, Hetson even joined him on stage and Lucky and Hetson ripped through “World Up My Ass” off the Jerks’ classic “Group Sex” album. Wild shit! Hey, Hetson played for Bad Religion – they should give Lucky a shot!
    Lucky still has the chops, he’s

  • Agree wholeheartedly with the Lucky recommendation. He taught Bobby how to play drums, and he writes great songs.

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