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Review: Pour Habit – “Suiticide”

pour-habit-suiticideIf you haven’t heard of this band yet, you will soon, especially since they just got signed to Fat Wreck Chords.  These guys come to us from the unlikely city of Compton, CA, and no, Fat hasn’t started signing Hip Hop bands.  Far from it.  Pour Habit’s sound is something you would expect to hear from a band on the Fat roster of 10 years ago.  They’re fast, they’re aggressive but still melodic, and instrumentally they could be compared to old school Strung Out.  Vocally their a bit more unique and I can’t think of any band to compare them to directly.  Like their music in general, the vocals are fast, and melodic with just the right amount of angst and aggression.

“Suiticide” is the band’s first full length album and when I first heard it over a year ago (yes, I’m claiming I heard them first!) I knew these guys were going somewhere.  The fact that Fat Mike decided to re-release it on Fat Wreck Chords is a testament to how awesome this album is.  “Suiticide” ranges widely lyrically from politics to drinking and boning other dudes girlfriends (no wonder Fat Mike loves these dudes).  If you’re taking the time to read this you should take the time to listen to their music on Pour Habit’s MySpace page.

Best Songs: “Institution”, “Light The Torch”, “Zion”

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Album Review: The Causalties – “Made In NYC”

madeinnyccasualtiescdcover1 The Casualties is an American punk act from New York, New York. Having formed in 1990 their punk rock attitude and musical skills has sky rocked them to punk rock fame. A combination of street punk and hardcore punk brings out this raw aggressive tone these guys tend to produce. Speaking of which, the band has released nine LP’s during their establishment, along with a handful of EP’s, compilation album as well as live material to keep the adrenaline rush flowing ever so smoothly. The adrenaline rush that The Casualties pushes out has invaded our hometown streets and cities from all over, thus the birth of their third live album has made its mark.
Entitled “Made in NYC,” this double disc combo includes both an audio version and DVD version of the band’s NYC Knitting Factory performance. Twenty-two tracks immediately make their way and attach themselves to your body, twisting and thrusting you in every possible direction. Starting off with “Casualties Army,” you have joined the rankings of the army you will never forget about. “Ugly Bastard,” “Get Off My Back,” and “Down and Out,” are some of the main highlights that are include amongst the amazing track listing given here. Each of tracks not only dish out the old school feel but pulls out all the absolute fun as well. The instruments present themselves fast and heavy as possible not missing a beat. Vocal chords take complete control screaming and shouting all over the place the music just takes you over. The music instantly pulls you inward and doesn’t let go at all keeping the non-stop vibrations constantly flowing.
The DVD portion includes the band’s live performance capturing all The Casualties goodness along with other bonus material i.e. photo gallery, music videos, etc Your basic package deal when it comes to your usual CD/DVD combo. All in all The Casualties have remained to be the band they started out as and will forever remain that way until the end of time.

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Album Review: Revolution Mother – “Rollin’ With Tha Mutha”

revolutionmother_rollinA promise was made and promises aren’t meant to be broken… Unless the seal is broken by the almighty sounds of music! Ripped and torn to pieces by the pure essence of punk rock influence with heavy metal impacted to hold it altogether. Revolution Mother follow up to their debut efforts that couldn’t hold it together have returned with none other than ‘Rollin’ with tha Mutha’, a series of 11-tracks of blistering hotness with killer guitar riffs and out-standing drum tactics you’ll be head banging too all summer long. But that’s not all you get a handful of lyrics to sing right along too through each and every song that plays through delivering a brand spanking summer of catchy upbeat anthems to boil you all over.

When it comes down to the music engraved upon this album you get tossed with a handful of tunes you wouldn’t know where to begin. How about “Killin’ Machine,” a tune that gets your energy pumping with excitement. Whereas “Born To Rock N Roll,” simply points out the main objective to rock out! Getting your blood pumping faster and faster you’ll fall over flat not knowing what just occurred. “Ride The Sky,” is featured in the current summer flick known as “The Hangover” and its made its musical skills far and wide grasping the attention span of everyone who witnesses it. They are instantly drawn inward to the music and let’s it take them completely over. Those being set aside from the other tracks included on this album you get a handful of tunes you’ll enjoy no matter which track you choice.

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Fat to release “The Original Cowboy” by Against Me!

fatAgainst Me! is releasing “The Original Cowboy” on Fat Wreck Chords on July 7th.  If this statement confuses you it’s because you’re thinking “Didn’t they release that album a couple years ago?”  Well, yes and no.  You’re thinking of “As The Eternal Cowboy” put out on Fat in ’03.

“The Original Cowboy” is a set of predominantly never-before-heard demos that were recorded at Goldentone Studio in Gainesville, FL with Rob McGregor on July 15th, 2003. The session was scheduled prior to Against Me!’s trip to Memphis’ Ardent Studios where “As The Eternal Cowboy” was recorded (the band’s first release with Fat). Tom Gabel explains the decision to go to Ardent:

Having already recorded our first full length album and two previous EPs with Rob at Goldentone, we wanted to do something different for our second full length. We specifically wanted to make an all analog recording with as few overdubs as possible which is what we could do at Ardent. With Rob McGregor coming along to produce, we wanted to make sure he was familiar with the songs, so we made this demo recording.

At the insistence of Fat Mike, the song “Cavalier Eternal” from the 7/15/03 session did end up making it onto As The Eternal Cowboy, Mike preferring the demo to the version made at Ardent. Gabel describes the natural ease and success of those July sessions:

Recorded and mixed in only a couple of hours, The Original Cowboy was only meant to be a trial run, but, listening to it today, there’s a part of me that feels foolish for ever recording these songs a second time.

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Welcome to Dying Scene! Your ultimate source in all things Punk Rock!

johnnyx1Dying Scene has:

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– and a Community of Punk Fans who make it all happen (join). is a brand new site, which means we’re still working out the kinks so bear with us if things seem wonky.  We hope you enjoy the site.  We built it because we f’ing love punk music.

Oh, and if you’re interested in working or writing for us just let us know.

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