Cheap Perfume (punk) release video for “It’s OK (To Punch Nazis)”

Feminist punk band Cheap Perfume have released a video for their single “It’s OK (To Punch Nazis)”, check it out below. The band created the song in response to debates on whether it was justified for people to use violence in certain situations; an argument that arose after a number of clashes took place this year between anti-fascists and the alt-right.

Band member No had this to say:

“After Richard Spencer got punched, the video was being gleefully shared on the Internet. Some people that we know would say, ‘Well, I’m not a fan of Richard Spencer, but it’s not okay to punch anyone.’ There were a few people saying it was never right. I just couldn’t believe that people were saying that, after I’d heard Richard Spencer speaking on several shows and newscasts and NPR, and he’s clearly espousing the exact views as the Nazis did. We were really confused that certain people we know seemed really sorry that Richard Spencer got punched in the face. As someone who has studied nonviolence and used to really push that home in the yoga classes that I teach, I really started thinking that there is a gray area, and there are exceptions, and one exception is Nazis.”

Proceeds from the single are being donated to The Heather Heyer Foundation. The foundation was set up in honor of the activist who lost her life after being hit by a car at an anti-fascist rally in Charlottesville earlier this year.



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