Collaborative Project: The Seven Degrees of Stephen Egerton

paperandplasticGuitar player Stephen Egerton of The Descendents and ALL is releasing a solo album May 11th on Paper + Plastick Records.  The album is a collaborative effort between Stephen and a handful of notable friends from the punk scene.  Stephen provides the instrumentals and the vocals are supplied by vocalists of The Descendents, All, Alkaline Trio, MXPX, Less Than Jake, Lagwagon, The Fags, Drag The River and More.

“The label and I are beyond stoked to be a part of this release,” says Paper + Plastick founder Vinnie Fiorello. “Stephen’s bands have been a true inspiration to Less Than Jake, and my punk rock background. I mean, who doesn’t sing along to “Clean Sheets” when it comes on? If they don’t, they should be shot. Stephen writes great songs, is talented on every instrument, and records and mixes it all himself. It’s mind blowing.”

A song from the album should be streaming soon.  For more info on the project read more.

Egerton is best known for his work with The Descendents and All, but since both bands have announced hiatuses, it hasn’t stopped him musically and he is very much involved in the punk community. After relocating to Tulsa, OK from Ft. Collins, CO, he established Armstrong Recording studio to not only record bands from all genres, but also to work on his own music. “‘I’ve been writing tons of music, but haven’t had a regular outlet for all the songs I’ve come up with,” says Egerton. “Finally, my wife suggested that I ask some of my friends to do the singing, since it’s definitely my weak suit.” With that suggestion came the early stages of The Seven Degrees of Stephen Egerton.

After writing all the music, playing all the instruments, and even recording all the songs himself, Stephen sent the demos to friends from his over two-decade-plus long career in music. Unsure of how to get this project running, Stephen enlisted his cohort Jon Snodgrass (of Drag The River) to sing the track “Fire’s On,” and recalls that “It was the first song that was finished, and it made me see that this big idea I’d had really could work. Jon and I talked back and forth with lyric ideas until it was finished. He flushed my song idea out.” With a newfound confidence that this project was possible, Egerton contacted a number of musicians to collaborate with, and soon Stephen had vocal contributions from Dan Andriano (Alkaline Trio), Joey Cape (Lagwagon/ Me First And The Gimme Gimmes), Mike Herrera (MXPX), Chris Demakes (Less Than Jake), Chad Price (All/Drag The River), Scott Reynolds (All) and more. Egerton left most of the lyrical duties to the talented punk vocalists, and only co-wrote a handful of the sixteen tracks. The only song Egerton wrote on his own is the track “She’s Got Everything,” which features his Descendents bandmate and vocalist Milo Auckerman. He recounts “I’d written the song for my wife one Christmas, and it was so cool to hear it all the way finished, with Milo’s truly excellent voice coming out of retirement.” Egerton mixed and mastered the album on his own, which allowed for the consistent sound despite being recorded in over a dozen studios by different technicians across the country. “I have some seriously talented friends. I’m so proud of this record, and I can’t wait for people to hear it!” he exclaims with a sigh of relief.

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