Cover Art Battle (October 4th): Misfits, New Found Glory, Bombpops…VOTE!

Remember when buying an album meant something more than adding a dozen audio files to an already endless collection of impersonal mp3s? It was a time when liner notes actually got read and there was something really special about the art that graced an album’s cover. Today, in an industry dominated by iTunes and Pandora, it seems the cover art of an album is getting a little under-appreciated.

Well, we here at Dying Scene aren’t letting the art form die off so easily. Whether bizarre, beautiful, thought provoking, or hilarious, each Tuesday we will present the most interesting album covers from the albums released that week and let you readers vote on which one you think should win “Best Cover Art of the Week!”

This week (October 4th), we’ve got a handful of entries to pick from: new stuff from Misfits, New Found Glory, La Dispute, Blessthefall, We Are The In Crowd, The Bombpops, Transit, Crusades, Juicehead and Mayday Parade.  Check out the entries here and cast your vote.

Start the cover art slideshow here to get a closer look at the artwork.

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  • I wish the music on The Devil’s Rain could match its cover in terms of awesomeness. Out of all those covers, it is probably the best one but I get the feeling no one is going to vote for it on principle alone (I know I’m not).

  • Recant is perfectly acceptable. It’s sad how universally loathed the new Misfits album is (though in all actuality, I’ll probably never listen to it).

    I still like the Juicehead artwork better, but the Misfits’ is all kinds of awesome.

  • People should stop whining about Jerry’s singing. I’ve saw them a few weeks ago, and his singing was pretty good. I was expecting crap due all the rumors on the net, but in terms as fitting with the Misfit image, his voice is a good match for Danzig’s in my opinion, better than Grave’s was anyway.

  • There is some great music but the lyrics just dont jive. Yet I will support ANYTHING Jerry/The Misfits does. Im a true fan. I listen to the new album as much as possible to help it “grow” on me.

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