Crucial Dudes lose a crucial dude, call it quits as a band

Looks like a crucial member of Crucial Dudes broke step #1 in the 9 Steps To Plan A Successful Tour and rule #2 of the 13 Common Sense Guidelines For Playing In A Punk Band.  After cancelling on the band last minute the Jersey punk act were forced to cancel their entire upcoming July tour.  To further bum fans out, Crucial Dudes have also announced that they are calling it quits as a band.  Whether or not this is related to to the violation of rule #2 is unclear.  They write:

As much as this pains us to say, we have to cancel our entire U.S. tour for the month of July. A member of the band informed us today (6 days before the tour begins) that he wouldn’t be able to do it with us. We didn’t want to go out without them and feel as if we were playing half assed shows throughout the whole tour. Nobody is or ever could be as bummed out about this as much as we are. We want to say thank you and also apologize to everyone who has helped us put this tour together. With that being said, we will no longer continue as a band. Thanks for all your love and support over the last 5 years. Rest In Shit.

The band will post-humerusly release a split with HisDayHasCome via Jump Start Records which you can actually stream right now, right here.

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