Cry Havoc! reveal cover art and tracklist for new album “And Let Slip the Dogs of War”

Connecticut hardcore act Cry Havoc! have revealed some more details surrounding their new album And Let Slip the Dogs of War.  Shawn Refuse, a Brooklyn-based artist also known as the frontman of Done With You, created the artwork (seen above) and supplied vocals on “More Discharge, Less Rise Against.”  You’ll also hear Ben Social of Sadplant kick in some vocals on “Fuck You!  Just Die.”

Check out the full 17-song tracklist below.

Although the band does not have a firm release date yet for the album, they are hoping to put it out early this August.  The album was funded entirely by a Kickstarter campaign in which the band raised almost double their goal.


1. See Something, Say Something
2. To the Victor Belongs the Silence
3. Fuck You! Just Die (ft. Ben Social of Sadplant)
4. Diseased Mind
5. It Never Ends
6. Fucked Up & Fucked
7. The Recession of Hope
8. Living on the Witch Hunt
9. More Discharge, Less Rise Against (ft. Shawn Refuse of Done With You)
10. So Sick, So Tired
11. Leech Bite Fever
12. Code of Silence
13. Catch Me in the End
14. Unexplained Bruises
15. Mission Statement
16. Broken History
17. We Were

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