Curse Words (Pop Punk, DC) Stream Concept Album, “Trash Planet Earth”

Washington DC-based pop punk group Curse Words have just released Trash Planet Earth, a concept album focusing on our dying home planet. Rather than read my interpretation from a brief listen this morning, the band themselves have kindly described impetus for the record. You can read all about it and check out Thrash Planet Earth below.

The previous release from Curse Words not appearing on the new album was the 2017 EP, Intergalactic Exxon Valdez. 





According to Curse Words, the concept behind this concept album is as follows:

“Our protagonists having escaped Proxima-B, a dying plague-infested planet, have traversed the heavens in search of a new world to call home. Following a beacon emitting from the Milky Way Galaxy, they set course to land on the 3rd rock from the sun… Only then does it become clear that the beacon wasn’t an invitation. It was a distress call. 

“A once veritable Eden, a deeper exploration reveals a dark force has taken control of the natives and has them hell bent on leaving nothing but ashes. Trapped in world where madness is infectious and chaos is king, “Trash Planet Earth” finds our heroes struggling between the choice of throwing fuel on the fire and embracing the destruction of civilization or mounting an impossible resistance in hopes of starting down the long path of redemption. 

“Realization that there’s no going back to the way things were and the cold hard truth that somethings can’t be unfucked, a mission is adapted to create a revolution of love against the greedy tyrants who grind the masses to the bone and bleed the planet dry. 

“If Inter Galactic Exxon Valdez was a coming-of-age story, than Trash Planet Earth is a battle cry. A calling to arms against complacency and the defeatist attitudes that can be so easy to fall victim to. It is time to take control of the world we live in, and the fight has already begun.”


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