Dan Clements talks about Excel’s career and reunion

Noisecreep recently conducted an interview with Excel frontman Dan Clements, who talks about the band’s career, reunion, influences, inspiration for the famous skateboarder Tony Alva and explains why they didn’t want to be the “next Suicidal Tendencies or next Metallica“.

Dan also talked about the famous accusation of one of Metallica’s best-known songs “Enter Sandman” being a rip-off of “Tapping Into the Emotional Void” from Excel’s 1989 classic album The Joke’s on You. He clarifies:

“It’s still something that’s still never been resolved. We don’t know whatever’s going to come out of it. Who knows, one day it may be like cashing a winning lottery ticket. When Excel toured the West Coast with Megadeth in 1991, [Dave] Mustaine would greet us at sound checks with ‘How are my future millionaires doing?’. After all, he’s definitely contributed a few riffs to Metallica himself!”

About the band’s reunion, Dan states, “Let’s be realistic, sometimes people’s memories get far more exaggerated over time. The next generation of thrash fans now has expectations we’re going to have to live up to. We’re not about to disappoint anyone. Like [Germs singer] Darby Crash said about the whole concept of Circle One – everything comes full circle. It’s about the intensity of our music once again.”

Excel released their last full-length studio album Seeking Refuge in 1995. Their reunion was announced in January of last year, but so far, the band hasn’t played any live shows yet. We recently covered their Excel and their cover version of The Police classic “Message in a Bottle” in our Random Cover Song column, which you can check out here.

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