Dan Lilker and Billy Milano comment on S.O.D. reunion rumors

Despite rumors from last July, Nuclear Assault bassist Dan Lilker revealed to Horns Up that there are no plans to reunite S.O.D. ― the crossover supergroup featuring himself, Billy Milano (M.O.D.) and his former bandmates in Anthrax Scott Ian and Charlie Benante ― for a 30th anniversary celebration of their iconic debut album Speak English or Die. He explains:

“I know there’s gonna be a reissue, but him talking about a live show is all a little premature, let’s say. It’s gonna be the 30th anniversary of ‘Speak English or Die’, so there’s gonna be yet another reissue. I say it with a slight air of cynicism. And, yeah, it’ll be cool. Billy might have made it seem like, but he didn’t consult anybody else that played in S.O.D. He just kind of announced something, and we went, ‘Huh?’ That’s what happened.”

Asked if he would do the S.O.D. reunion show if everyone else agreed to it, Lilker replied: “Yeah. I don’t have any differences with anybody. It was never me. I would do it as long as I didn’t have any other previous plans on that day. If anything else I have already confirmed is confirmed, I wouldn’t do it, but if they say, ‘Hey, what are you doing July blah blah blah this year,’ I’d go, ‘Okay. Fine.'”

Billy Milano also commented on the reunion situation, telling Blabbermouth.net“all the members of SOD were contacted via email to contribute to a 30 year anniversary edition package by Missi from MEGAFORCE who is one of the honest people still in this dying industry. She also mentioned in her e-mail that it would be fun to have a show to celebrate it. To my surprise everyone including myself replied that fun sounds like fun. I went to NYC to visit family and friends and was asked to be interviewd on Jimmy Gestapos Radio show. His buddy Mike is the co host of the show and owns the NYHC black and Blue festival. They asked if I woulkd be interested in playing with SOD. It was the same day I met with Missi from megaforce. I said yes. We announced it giving plenty of time for Charlie and Scott to make it happen. I also went to NY to collect the money Scott and Charlie owe me for covering songs I own publishing on. (HEY JOHN BUSH I HEARD THEY DIDNT PAY YOU EITHER! I TRIED TO WARN YOU BUT HEY I’M THE BAD GUY) IT didnt happen so in my mind I called the shows off 3 days later. I also had the shows based as a benefit, I wanted to help a couple of Dog rescue groups I follow on facebook. Second chance rescue in ny and a Tonkers rescue group. This way the band didnt have a reunion for money and it actually helps someone and adds to the good karma of the music scene. Charlie Benante said why does it have to be a benefit we can make a lot of money. Ok, so at this point SOD is done, they are trying to talk to me via friends and booking agents and the answer is NO!!!! MOD is finishing a record. I have a new group Billy Be Dammed and I love my life in Austin Texas. and as far as me being right wing, no shit! The days and INSANITY of political correctness is coming to a head… Enjoy the Chaos and Get a gun, Go Mueria! VOTE TRUMP!”

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