Daniel Dart (Time Again) side project: Swapmeet Shakedown

Daniel Dart (Time Again) and long time friend and music collaborator Donal Finn have teamed up to create a folky/buesly punk side project titled Swapmeet Shakedown.  The duo will be releasing their album Appearing As… April 5th, 2010 on Drop-Out Records.

Here’s a bit from the press release:

Creating an alter-ego type mentality for this record they wrote the songs over a year of back and forth emails and phone calls. Coming together with Time Again drummer Jake Margolis and bass player Ed Maxwell to bring the thumping rhythm section the duo needed they finally got down to business. Combining screaming fast tracks such as “Fractured” where Daniel Dart howls in an instantly recognizable fashion to piano ballads like “Sunshine’s Loving” where partner Donal Finn croons about love’s winding emotions; this album is a showcasing of the two songwriters amazing capabilities to break the mold and follow their own path.

Appearing As… is a limited release of 165 hand numbered and autographed hard copies only available here at Interpunk and it features a design from Canada’s most unattractive and unknown punk rock graphic designer, Taron Cochrane.

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