Daniel Dart (Time Again) speaks out about kidnapping charges from prison, post lengthy update

You may remember when Daniel Dart, front man for Hellcat Records street punk act Time Again was sentenced to two and a half years in prison as reported by his own band members, for kidnapping. Well, now Daniel has written a lengthy blog update from prison about the charges and life behind bars. (I’m not really sure how that’s possible, but excuse my ignorance.) Anyway, he’s a taste of what he had to say:

“KEEP ON RICH ROLLIN’ #1 Weekends. Weekends are the worst part. Time seems to stand still on the weekends. I’ve been incarcerated for over a year now and the weekends always drag. On September 2nd of 2011 I was arrested in South Central Los Angeles as I came out of a recording studio where I was working on a new record for my band “Time Again”. I was charged with kidnapping, carjacking, conspiracy to commit robbery, robbery, street gang allegation, dissuading a witness, assault along with about 10 other charges. I was told that the State Of California would be seeking to give me 4 life sentences. Needless to say it was not the best Friday night I have ever had; especially when you know that the person pressing charges is an admitted liar and crack-cocaine addict that is going out of their way to take the rest of your life away… literally. Well I’ll tell ya this… it has been a year and I’m not broken, I’m not beaten and I’m still smiling every mother fucking day. It’s gonna take a whole fucking army if ya wanna stop me… cuz until the moment I’m 6 feet underground I’m not gonna lose hope or stop fighting for a second.

Sometimes in life you gotta take a step back to take a larger step forward. And that is exactly what I’m doing. I’m not sorry. I don’t feel remorse… and I don’t give a fuck! I’m doing these years to pay my “debt” to society so I don’t owe anything. I’m just gonna do me… ya hear? 30 days is more time than I should have done… but I’m doing years… so I’m all paid up. Get it? Got it? Good.

To read the full update go here. Time Again released two full-lengths on Hellcat Records and put out their last official release “Naked” in 2009 on Drop Out Records.  Dart did a side project called Swapmeet Shakedown that put out an album in 2010.


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