Death By Stereo uploads music video “I Sing For You”

deathbystereo1Fullerton hardcore act Death By Stereo uploaded a new music video “I Sing For You” from their newest album “Death is My Only Friend” on Serjical Strike Records earlier this month.  The video consists of the band performing as well as fans in a mall singing along with the band.  Vocalist, Efrem Schulz comments on the mall scene:

It was an amazing time, people were freaking out and the mall cops as well as real cops chased us out and through the parking lot.  All things condidered, we pulled it off! Elliot Dillman is a genius director! We hope everyone has as good of a time watching it as we did filming it! Thanks to all the rad people that came out and took over the mall!!

Check out the video and sing along on the full story page.


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