Devon Kay and the Solutions premiere new song “I Dare You”

Today we’re very pleased to premiere a new song from those fun loving goofy bastards in Devon Kay and the Solutions.  Fronted by Direct Hit! guitarist/vocalist Devon Kay, the Midwest pop-punks are releasing their upcoming full-length album “Losing It” October 1st through Artistic Integrity Records.  You can read a statement from the band and stream “I Dare You” below.

Hola bros and lady-bros,

It hardly seems like this scene is dying! AMIRITE!?

This is a new track from our first full length album “Losing IT” out digitally and on a limited run of CDs October 1stthrough Artistic integrity Records. The song is called “I Dare You” and it’s about hating music. Take a listen; hopefully you end up liking music more! And if you don’t, well then fuck you.

Come catch us at FEST this year; Saturday, November 1st at Rocky’s Piano Bar promptly, 05:20pm. We’ll be slinging beers and committing random acts of kindness.

If you miss out on that, we will be touring the east coast with our pals, The Headies, and hitting up a couple days in Canada with our new pals, Bummer.

Thanks, Nerds! Bye!

The new album is a follow-up to their 2011 debut album “Never Punt” released via Johann’s Face Records.

Losing IT Track List:

1. Sense of Normalcy
2. Toilet Drunk
3. Mikey Erg (Made My Girlfriend Cry)
4. Strategic Slacking
5. Fornication Nation
6. I dare You
7. Panic Attack (In Em)
8. The Day I Found Out Limp Bizkit Was Really Breaking Up
9. A Message to Every Venue We’ve Ever Played
10. We’re All Gonna Die (Suga’ Boy)
11. Lamentation of a Projecting Moron
12. Decemberween

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