Album Review: Dog Party – ‘Vol. 4’

Dog Party are a teenage female duo that really seem set to take the punk world by storm, expanding further from the niche spots they’ve already charmed their way into. They’ve got quite a radio-friendly, bouncy and catchy style that somehow manages to fit the pre-established notions set by punk rock elitists. Vol. 4 nods to surfer, breezy punk as you’d expect but this time around the band is filled with much more intent and a serious approach to storytelling that bodes well for anyone looking to mature musically in the punk world.

“Forget” and “Creepin'” are two examples of them being more driven as opposed to the poppier tones of punk- thus allowing Dog Party to pay attention to their older stuff and servicing their cult following. For their age, they’ve really got it mapped out. Their music isn’t formulaic and each track stands on its own. Maybe the record is one or two tracks too long but still, Vol. 4 is another decent addition to their catalog. Cheesy at times but very much adult at others.

“Dead Guy” is a stark reminder as to this. It’s very oddly structured in terms of lyrics and it’s not a bad thing as I like how the band’s gotten into the slightly more disturbing experiences of life, especially given I’ve seen a lot of inappropriate comments thrown at them at other punk sites (really sullying the movement). They seem to take these criticisms in stride, harness and channel them into an album that feels grittier, angrier and one they vent on even more. They sound pissed and it’s definitely something that I can see them using to hash out even better music in the future. Let’s just respect them and nurture them along the way. We’re here to take care of each other, after all.

3.5 / 5

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