Album Review: Dowsing – “I Don’t Even Care Anymore”

Chicago’s Dowsing is a head-trip. The body count they leave in their wake – immense. That’s because the bodies are doped up on great music. Being hopped up on a band that carves its niche in sad jams and which prides itself on fucking amazing indie/emo/melodic rock, well, it’s not a bad thing. Not when the band’s execution, story-writing and overall, poise, has that emotional finesse that so many others lack these days. ‘I Don’t Even Care Anymore’ has a lot to offer and it’s therapy. A remedy for the soul I’d say – musical prose at its best.

Their old music’s pretty good. But they’ve improved drastically and dramatically in the areas they needed to. Erik Czaja’s lyrics and the manner he delivers them aren’t anything new, style-wise but they add credence to the band’s indie vibe and more to their emo-connection with the listeners. “Meant To Shred” has that punk effect that adds flavor and shows their dynamic. Nothing indescribable but yet, so damn sound. That’s how good they are. Progressively building to a nice little break in the acoustic “Everything Works Out” allows respite from the emotional deluge and hearty onslaught of Dowsing. They actively, or I should say proactively, gleam musically a la Sunny Day Real Estate and Cloakroom, for younger fans. They hone their craft to seek out something that’ll eke their name into your fabric.

“Ferret Feelings” and “Nothing to Give” justify their shards of emotional connection when they penetrate into your sonic range because Czaja and his team, employ simple hooks, catchy riffs and anthemic basslines, to embed themselves into the tapestry of conflicting emotions that comprise your mind. That’s how simple and effective they are. That’s how much of a mind-game this record is. Three chord tracks and melodic strumming, all to the beat of sad poetry, is what Dowsing can be chalked up as. They also bear semblance to some old Jimmy Eat World demo tracks but Dowsing’s earlier music always showed potential so fulfilling it here is no shocker. Not a single ounce of surprise at all.

The record’s despondent when it needs to be. Mention must be made of that. At the right times, what wins, is that it activates your feelings – frustration, loss, despair, dedication, inspiration and so much more. You empathize with Dowsing and as you find sympathy listening to their lyrics and calm, alternative disposition, you’ll recognize that contrary to the record’s title, you care. A lot.

3.5/5 Stars

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