DS Exclusive Album Stream: We’re Not Afraid – “Adventures In Poverty”

When I added We’re Not Afraid to my Top 10 of 2010 list a few weeks ago I had really only heard four of the tracks off their debut full-length “Adventures In Poverty” because the rest of the album hadn’t been released yet.  Needless to say, I was stoked when the band reached out and said they’d send me a copy.  So stoked was I, in fact, that I couldn’t keep it all to myself and figured I’d share it with the rest of you readers.

“Adventures In Poverty” doesn’t hit stores here in the US until February 8th but you can stream the whole thing right here.  Hey oh!

[Audio:01-Back-To-Life-1.mp3, 02-Casual-Ties-1.mp3, 03-Hope-1.mp3, 04-One-Man-Economy-1.mp3, 05-Closed-Eye-Drive-1.mp3, 06-Live-It-Your-Way-1.mp3, 07-Dead-Fish-1.mp3, 08-Simon-B.-1.mp3, 09-The-Fire-That-Thought-1.mp3, 10-20-Degrees-Below-1.mp3, 11-Do-Tell.mp3|titles=Back To Live, Casual Ties, Hope, One Man Economy, Closed Eye Drive, Live it Your Way, Dead Fish, Simon B., The Fire That Thought, 20 Degrees Below, Do Tell|artists=]

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