DS Exclusive Interview: Dementia 13, stream “Sans Regrets”

Dementia 13 have a reputation for being wildly offensive and crude but it’s their wild onstage antics and blistering live show that they are respected for.  A band that puts the oldest punks in their place aside, they are also one of the hardest working and gigging bands in the Brisbane punk scene with a show every other week.  The band are set to hit the stage at Spoonfest on May 21 with some other talented punk rockers but we asked them a few questions first in our quest to get to know them better.

Bassist, Dan gave up the answers and some secrets about the band.  We talked about their song writing which as it turns out is done by a machine, the perks and challenges of being in Dementia 13 and their most recent release “In One Year and Out The Other.”  You can also stream “Sans Regrets”  from the EP while you read the interview.  Check it all out here.

[Audio: Sans-Regrets.mp3|titles= Sans Regrets|artists= Dementia 13]

Can you give our readers a bit more background behind your band?

We are Dementia13 a four-piece melodic/hardcore punk band from Brisbane, Australia, which formed 2006 after a Raised Fist show at the Basement.

How does the song writing process work for you guys?

Well we found an old vintage song writing machine from the 90’s that spits out fast melodic punk rock, so we set it up in our jam room at Nat’s place and basically flog the shit out of it once a week.

What do you find the most challenging about the process?

Finding spare parts for the machine.

If you could collaborate with any musician, from any point in time, who would that be and why?

Alive.  Tom Petta from Bigwig.

Dead. Jim Cherry from Strung Out.

Both artist are amazing musicians and have been an influence to us all

As gents with limited time, funds, real lives and jobs, what is the most difficult part of being in a band?

Well we’ve all got full time day jobs so funds are always self invested and we invest a lot of our time into the band, but the hardest part of Dementia13 is finding room in the fridge to fit the second carton of beer!!

On the flip side, what is the best part about being in Dementia 13 or any band?

The best part of being in the band is that we are four best friends that have been given the opportunity to support some awesome bands in the past that have graced our shores, and also getting to travel and meet new bands with the boys on tours is always something we look forward to.

While you guys are veterans of the Brisbane punk scene, many of our readers won’t be familiar with your work.  Tell us, in one sentence why we should be listening to Dementia 13?

People should listen to us because we play honest mid 90s melodic punk rock and we’re more addictive then crack!

What is Dementia’s best ‘on-stage incident’ story?

This onetime on tour Kamo (singer) swung from a roof beam and got all cut up by the ceiling fan that he didn’t see or expect to meet…The show still went on!!

What are three things the world should know about Dementia 13?

a. We play aggressive powerhouse punk rock in the vain of the mid 90’s.

b. That if you come and see our shows we will not disappoint true fans of the style.

c. Our CD’s and merchandise can be purchased at our live shows or though Your Daughter’s Records.

You guys released “In One Year and Out The Other” in 2010.  How has the reception been to the EP?

We released “In One Year and Out The Other” last year and we have had a great response through the scene.  I think if people have enjoyed it, they should really look forward to our next CD that we are planning on recording in June/July this year.

What is your favourite track off the EP and why?

“San Regrets” is my personal favourite song to play, it has a strong meaning to myself from the time it was written, but in saying that its really hard to say.  “38 Special” is a song which was scrapped from the “In One Year and Out The Other” due to time and indecision, but that’s now one of our most demanded live songs. Hopefully we’ll get it on our new up coming CD.

Who are you most looking forward to watching at Spoonfest…and why?

There are so many awesome bands on the line up thats a hard one to answer.  I’ve heard a lot of good things about The Nation Blue’s live shows so I’m really looking forward to them, but also Headaches and Local Resident Failure always tear it up.  It’s going to be an awesome show and I advise everyone who’s not working or being a lazy bastard to come check out Spoonfest 2011.

Any final words to the readers of Dying Scene?

Yeah.  Come support SPOONFEST 2011 and other Australian punk rock!

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