DS Exclusive Interview: Local Resident Failure, stream “Human Rights…and Wrongs”

Local Resident Failure have been perfecting their own brand of melodic/skate punk, full of attitude and energy in Australia for the past four years now and things continue to pick up for the foursome.  The band will be making an appearance at Spoonfest this Saturday May 21 and is also reportedly making progress on their debut record which is scheduled for release later this year.

I recently had a chance to ask their front man, Dal,  a few questions and get their take on everything from Spoonfest, 90’s punk, their new record and to playing in Australia in general.  We are also streaming “Human Rights…and Wrongs” from their 2010 EP/album teaser,”Crack Is The New Black.”  Be sure to check out the full interview plus song stream here and catch their set at Spoonfest this Saturday.  BOOM!

There is only two days left till Spoonfest Brisbane punk-rockers.  Be there!  DS will be.  You should buy us a beer.  Kidding!  But definitely pick up a ticket first here.

[Audio: 01-Human-Rights…-and-Wrongs.mp3|titles= Human Rights…and Wrongs|artists= Local Resident Failure]

For our readers who may not be familiar with you guys, give us a little background. Who are you guys and how long have you been playing?

We are 4 non-musicians who somehow have a liking for the same genre of music, in which we decided to form a not very good punk rock outfit, and still after 4 years, haven’t got much better.

I was listening to your latest EP “Crack is the New Black” [grab a copy of for free] and I immediately noticed a fast skate/punk sound, similar to a lot of bands
like NOFX, Lagwagon. Who would you say are your main influences?

NOFX and Lagwagon and all the old school Fat Wreck Chords bands.

Speaking of bands and influences, if you had the chance to tour the world with any band, past or present, who would you choose and why?

My personal opinion would have to be Frenzal Rhomb cause they are nice guys…..that’s the only reason, not into the music as such just the niceness and personal grooming.

Spoonfest is coming up this month (May 21st) and I know you will be playing along side a lot of other great bands. Having played the event before, what can people expect and why should they come out?

Heaps of good bands from all over Australia playing loud, fast music at a ridiculous pace, and screaming lyrics about the Government and all other issues that have arose in our society.

Knowing you guys are from Australia, and being from America myself, my first step in this interview process was finding where Newcastle actually was and trying to learn something interesting about it. I consulted my expert sources [wikipedia] and found this about Newcastle –  “It has a fertile punk rock and hardcore scene, and over the past 15 years has spawned many successful local acts, including large local and National bands.” I was pretty surprised to read this. Would you agree with that statement?

Yes….heaps of bands come out of Newcastle, the biggest would definitely be Silverchair, who pretty much own the world. But in regards to the punk scene, there are always bands beginning and ending depending on what’s the scene at the time, I’ve seen so many people just play in bands that are just after the big break, and if it doesn’t happen right away, they give up…not us though, we’re here forever.

When you guys aren’t playing music, what else do you do with your time? Any unusual hobbies or pastimes?

We don’t usually see each other if we’re not practising or playing, so I don’t know what the other guys get up to, maybe a bit of surfing or skating or just sitting around eating food and playing playstation.

From listening to your EPs I noticed that you have a bit of diversity in lyrical content and really hold nothing back. What influences you guys and how do you decide what to write about?

Anything, if it’s out there I’ll write about it.  I wrote a song about a turd being found in an ice cream at a pub in Sydney, when it made the news it was massive, so what a better thing to do than write a song about it.

I saw that Local Resident Failure has played with bands like No Use For a Name and Strung Out. How was that and more generally, how is playing in a punk band in Australia?

It’s rad, there are various sub-genres of punk, so far we’re lucky that we havnt found a band that sounds similar to us, the music might but the vocal melodies and tones are different than what we produce.

Do you guys have any upcoming plans for the foreseeable future? Any new recording or tours?

Yeah, we’re about 2/3 through our debut album, which we started in November, so this is our ‘Chinese Democracy’ but will sound a shit load better than that garbage.

What are 3 things the world should know about LRF?

1. Smitty is and will always be single
2. Sully is and will always be single
3. Steve is very handsome and has a girlfriend.

Which band are you most looking forward to catching at Spoonfest and why?

Dementia 13, always a classic band to watch, such rad dudes and they can play their instruments really fast as well.

Lastly, is there anything else you would like to tell our readers?

When our album comes it, buy it from us, to support our addictions. xoxoxo.

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