DS Exclusive: Nadir (ffo: OWTH, Jimmy Eat World) premiere “Doomed from the Start” off debut album, “Collecting Misery”

So, there’s this band I’ve gotten really into lately. They’re called Nadir and they’re from Queens, which is weird because I thought they were from wherever Off With Their Heads is from because their lead singer is in Off with Their Heads, but whatever. They’re really good, and of course, you should know I was gonna say that because I fucking love Off With Their Heads. I saw them (OWTH) at 1919 Hemphill with like two other people in the audience, and it was a straight-edge club, but nobody cared. It was a fun night.

I’ve been lucky enough to get my hands on a press copy of Nadir’s debut album, Collecting Misery, and it’s easily my first favorite thing that’s come out this year. (That I know of!)  And I’m absolutely thrilled to show it off to you! Well, the first song anyway, off their first album. So, unless you’re one of the ones in-the-know enough to have snagged the demo, then I proudly present Nadir with “Doomed From the Start”.

Collecting Misery is being self-released by Nadir, and drops Feb. 25. Stream “Doomed From the Start” below.

This release touches my heart, as well, with a subject that falls pretty close to home. All proceeds from sales are being donated to Save.org, which is an organization that provides resources to those affected by suicide. Personally, these songs provide a reminiscence in nostalgia – taking me back to the early-2000’s when I first discovered Goddammit. The world had just been introduced to Gorillaz, and Outkast was playing on the alternative stations, which were otherwise taken over by crap, crap, crap, and then Jimmy Eat World. Fun to skate to at the local (crap) park on a Saturday night, or drive to school just to get off and go skate or take drugs. Why don’t ya’ throw the board out the window and start taking drugs in class!?  I’ve had my own brushes with the gray demon of suicide, and I’ve got friends that I wish were still with us to this day.

“Doomed From the Start” starts with some nice little riff-age, simple and elegant, harmonic pop-punk chord progressions, and dark catchy lyrics about waking into a world full of sorrow and regret. For those who never had a chance, anyway, get put to the test and can only just hold on and give it their best. “I never said that. I never said that I wouldn’t be there. I never said that I wouldn’t care. Never said to you. I never said that I wouldn’t be scared. I never said that it would be easy, and I never will.”

Nadir will be playing at El Cortez in Brooklyn, New York with Sketchy and Moonraker on February 11. Collecting Misery will be available for purchase here on February 25.

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