DS Exclusive Stream: “Baltimore” off upcoming Dirty Tactics album “It Is What It Is”

dirty-tacticsPhiladelphia’s Dirty Tactics have leaked another track off their upcoming album exclusively here on Dying Scene.  The song is titled Baltimore and it will appear on the band’s upcoming album It Is What It Is, which is slated for release May 25th on Say-10 Records.

Recently featured in Alternative Press’s “100 Bands You Need To Know For 2010” issue, now would be a great time to get yourself familiar with the band.  Dirty Tactics will be touring the US (May) and Europe (June and July) in support of the album so check out their Dying Scene Shows page for dates and locations.

Interesting note: The song is about Gary from Dirty Tactics trying to balance a gig as a lab rat for pharmaceutical company with the demands of a touring band and a lonely ex girlfriend.  I think, anyway… read his own explanation here.

Dirty Tactics was in between two full US tours in the dead heat of summer. We only had two weeks off before we went on another full US tour with Cobra Skulls. We didn’t have much time to make some money, I had gone to Baltimore and did a medical study which had me in the facility for 14 days. they were testing a diet pill and how fast you pissed it out and gave me some absurd amount of money. Anyways, my stay there was interupted halfway through by phone calls from my ex gf at the time. I made the mistake of telling her I was in Baltimore and she was in DC at the time but didn’t have the heart to tell her I was locked up as a lab rat, so it kindve messed things up as far as having those two weeks “off” and refusing to meet up with her when she’s only an hour away. It winded down to her suprising me in Philly days later on the day we were leaving for 6 weeks and it all came crumbling down.

[Audio:baltimore.mp3|titles=Baltimore|artists=Dirty Tactics]

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