DS Exclusive: The Problem Addicts (FL) – great new punk rock from the steamy nethers of the U.S.

Our new friends The Problem Addicts are streaming a track from their upcoming EP “Derailed.”

“Firestarters” is a catchy mix of what I perceive to be a mix between late 90s Epifat and early 2000s Chicago.

I’m also really fucking terrible at describing music beyond the extremes of “me like good much!” and something best described as a grab-bag of expletives being bellowed by a dying, dry-heaving camel. So make sure to let us know what you think of it in the comments. I’m sure you’ll have some super constructive things to say!

They fall into my “me like good much” camp. I’m definitely looking forward to that EP, which will be out February 24th. Check out “Firestarters” below!

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