DS Exclusive: The Rumjacks (Celtic) Premiere New Music Video For “Patron Saint O’ Thieves”

Australian Celtic punkers The Rumjacks sent us a brand new music video to premiere exclusively for DyingScene readers! “Patron Saint O’ Thieves” is from their most recent full length album, Sleepin’ Rough which came out earlier this year. While it is Christmas in theme, it’s far from your traditional yuletide carol. Give it a view or two and check out what lead man Frankie McLaughlin said inspired him to write it, below!

The Rumjacks are currently on tour in their native land but they’ve also just announced their first ever US show! This coming March, the boys will be visiting the sunny shores of San Diego, California for the Get Shamrocked Festival


When asked about “Patron Saint O’ Thieves”, Frankie told us, “(It’s) a Christmas song, a restless song, from another, less than festive place. For those with little to celebrate, separated from those they love, either by fate, misfortune or even their own design. Desperate to be free of whatever it is that shackles them to the dark, physically or otherwise…not everyone deserves to be alone on Christmas Day.”

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