DS Exclusive Track-by-Track plus full EP stream: Friends With The Enemy – “New World Disorder”

Last year when we checked in with Friends With The Enemy the band were pushing along at a rapid pace having just finished a US tour.  Since then they won an opening slot on the Soundwave Festival in Brisbane and have generally been kicking ass all over the place.  This time around we’d thought we’d try something a little different and singer, Chelsie jumped on board to give Dying Scene a track-by-track breakdown of their 2010 release, “New World Disorder.”  You can stream the EP in it’s entirety as you find out exactly what each song was written about, straight from the band itself.  Check it out here.

The band will be playing Spoonfest this weekend at The Step Inn in Brisbane.  Make sure you pick yourself up a ticket here.

[Audio:01.-3-Months.mp3,02.-A-Sorry-Mistake.mp3,03.-Dear-Friend.mp3,04.-One-Chance.mp3,05.-No-Reason.mp3|titles=3 Months, A Sorry Mistake, Dear Friend, One Chance, No Reason|artists=]

I wrote this song for a friend of ours who had to spend 3 months in prison. It was the longest 3 months we’ve ever had to wait. Of course in those months he was in there, Soundwave was on, my birthday, and some other awesome band that was touring and he had tickets to. It was hard to enjoy these things knowing he was stuck between these 4 walls and not be able to join us. So I wrote him this song.
This song was probably one of the easiest songs I’ve ever written and came together so quickly.

(laughs) I wont go into this one…Ill leave it up to whatever you wanna interpret this as. It’s a more personal one. Songs are easier to write from experience, so that’s how this song came about. It has been chopped and changed quite a lot since I first wrote it, so it does come across a little differently then from what I was first trying to convey.

This is my personal favorite. I guess I wrote this song out of anger towards a friend. I dislike when people have to make up stories to try and impress. When I meet someone, I like them for who they are…I’ve met alot of people who make up stories, suddenly change and have the same interests as me, so I’d maybe like them more? But it does quite the opposite and puts me off. This friend in particular did it so much they got a song written about them.

Although since writing this song, they may have possibly taken some notes from it, because they arent so painful to be around anymore, and I’m starting to enjoy their company again.

‘One Chance’ is about life in general and not knowing what lies ahead. I deal with anxiety on a day to day basis, and there were some times when I would hit an all time low and not be able to pull myself up for a while. Fake smiles would get me through the day. So this song was written during one of those times.

This song is about my life and the role Mary Jane plays in it. I smoked a lot growing up, and after I finished school, I didnt want to get a job so decided to study anything to fill in my time. But after studying Multimedia, Fashion Design, Aged Care and Nursing, I was too old to have excuses for not having a job. This song was written during a crunch point of self realization. Took me a while to find a reason, but I got there in the end.

“New World Disorder” was released in 2010 on Your Daughters Records.  Do yourself a favour and pick up your copy here.

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