DS Exclusive: Typhoid Rosie premieres “Diamonds in the Snow” from upcoming album “This Is Now”

Brooklyn’s Typhoid Rosie are releasing their third album, “This Is Now,” on Friday, March 23rd. They’re indie punk with pop hooks, and “Diamonds in the Snow” is catchy as hell.

Rosie explains the origin of the song:

“I can’t think of a more perfect song to kick off Spring than “Diamonds In The Snow.” It’s about that moment when Old Man Winter gives us one last encore before it melts away into Spring. I feel so lucky to be a New Yorker and to watch the Seasons change. Diamonds in the snow is about that change.

One winter morning we went on a hike in the Catskill Mountains. We got to this hill that was hard to climb because the ground was a solid sheet of ice. It took us a long time to get up this hill. But we finally get up there and it was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen in my life. There were these tiny raindrops frozen in the trees and the ground was covered in pure ice. The morning sun was shining down from the East that created tiny rainbows shining through the ice. It looked like the ground and all of the trees were covered in Diamonds. I couldn’t believe how beautiful it was – it was like Heaven on Earth. But by the end of the day, it warmed up – almost so much that we could take our coats off. We descended back down the mountain later that day to the same spot, and the snow had melted so fast that It was all gone by the time we got back. The moment was gone. The seasons changed that day. I thought about the mountain ice melting into a spring, and into a fresh water river that flows into the Hudson and into the salty sea.

When you think about life in that way, it doesn’t seem so sad to let go because it’s flowing so sweetly.  I see the entire circle of life and death every year in my garden and in the Seasons. When I think about death in that way – like the seasons changing, it feels so much easier to cast off your chains and to let go. But how beautiful is this planet, and all the life it brings fourth? What a gift – water – and life is – I hope that we can do everything in our power to save this beautiful planet. We made it through another beautiful and cold Winter, but I am so happy to welcome Spring!”

Typhoid Rosie will be playing a record release show at Kingsland Tavern in Brooklyn on March 23rd.

You can preview a couple of other tracks off the album and preorder it at bandcamp. In the meantime, check out the exclusive premiere of “Diamonds in the Snow” below!

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