DS Exclusive:The Functional Citizens (pop-punk) stream new album, “Game Night”

Mid-terms are here and we have a band for you that’s not afraid to ask the important questions… like, “Trivial Pursuit or Scategories?” 😀

It’s Game Night, and you’re invited to the party with The Functional Citizens, from Kalamazoo, MI,  who have been “putting the fun in functional” for the past three years… and with just as many releases.

They’ve been busy playing punk rock shows around the northern U.S., and cranking out material, working closely with Mustard Plug bassist Rick Johnson at Cold War Studios to put out some really great tunes for everybody. Themes range from the woes of white-collar working-class to the lost cause that is nerd-punker dating, and the classic tale of despair where you find that you’ve already paid for your french fries, but somehow end up stuck at window #2 through song after song, wondering if the fast-food employees are going to remember to include a straw in the bag for your Dr. Pepper.

This is classic, highly-caffeinated pop-punk music for fans of The Lillingtons, which at times sounds as if NoFX and Blink 182 were squished together in some sort of terrible chemical-shmelting accident to create the suit-and-tie wearing trio that is Functional Citizens. (Terrifying!)… and these guys are down to speed things up to take out the frustration of a day-to-day grind and let upper-management know that they can kiss off just in time for the weekend.

Throw in a dash of gamer fantasy to take the edge off, and you’ve got Game Night, set to release on Halloween on Smoking Cat Records. (That’s October 31, pumpkin-head.) Just go ask the Mushroom Man. You can order that album here, and check out the exclusive stream below.
[bandcamp width=400 height=836 album=3138534696 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5 tracklist=true tracks=797535902,1503212501,2373616733,2022326376,1557281028,1602513867,4092430416,1245503264,3371795390,2655903243,4178770069,1728648706,3278942582,1190218644,1685083686,1707302331 esig=141f3f63344c66991d95943b7c5aad2c]

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