DS Interview: Booze & Glory discuss their new album “Chapter IV”

One of the less covered genre’s in the punk world is Oi! Whether it be because of stigma or misinformation oi! punk remains one of the truest forms of punk rock expression. London’s Booze and Glory are fresh off their latest masterpiece released in March on Burning Heart Records, “Chapter IV” is the most complete Booze and Glory album yet. “Chapter IV” is packed with fast paced old school punk rock anthems and ageless wisdom. With the recent release of “Chapter IV” we had a chance to catch up with the legends of oi!

Check out the full interview below.

Dying Scene (Jamie Pelletier): First off I just wanted to say the new album is great, I have been rocking out to it on the regular. “The Time is Now” and “Simple” in particular became real ear worms.

Mark (Booze and Glory): Hey man, thank you for your kind words! Much appreciated!

For new listeners, or those new to Booze and Glory how would you guys describe your sound? Where does Booze and Glory slide into the punk world?

I would say it’s punk. Nothing more nothing less.  We started as an oi! band in 2009 and first couple albums were pure oi! songs I would say, but full of melodies as I was never a big fan of the rough 1980’s oi! if I have to be honest. I was always more Vanilla Muffins and Cock Sparrer fan than 4 Skins and Combat 84, and it’s still the case, but today I listen to much more other stuff as well as street punk and oi! In fact I have been listening to various Northern soul musicians constantly for the last couple years with very few exceptions, like the Cock Sparrer’s “Forever” and Murphy’s latest one. At the moment I’m blasting out the new Rancid and it’s fucking awesome! 2017 is amazing year for punk rock!

Where do you feel the new record compares to the rest of the Booze and Glory catalog?

It’s the best one we recorded! haha! But in all honestly I think it’s a decent, matured album with good, personal lyrics and we are all proud of it. We recorded it in the UK, but mastered in the US and this combination worked perfect for us. It is a different one though I agree. But lot of things happened in our lives in the last few years – like my battle with cancer and many others ups and downs. Me and Liam decided to write the most of the album about them – about our personal experiences and life struggles. This is what Chapter IV is about. It’s about friendship, respect and loyalty, fighting the good fight, staying positive but most important – about moving forward and not looking back, because one day we’ll all run out of tomorrows.

This is the first new album since 2013 and there have been some lineup changes. What kind of influence do you feel it had on the new album?

We have Frank on drums and Al on bass – they replaced Tommy and Bubbles. However, Bubbles recorded the album before he moved to Australia. Well, Frank brought lots of freshness to the band. He is a HC guy – you can hear that in the new album, but he’s a big punk rock fan also, he just can’t live without that double kick now and again! haha!

In light of the recent terrorist attacks on England, do you feel it will affect the way you guys tour while at home? Does it change your attitude towards touring in any way? If so, how?

No, not at all. We live normal lives and we always will. These cowards and their acts will not affect our lives. They can try, but they will never win.

Any plans on visiting Canada? Any plans on touring some unexplored countries in the foreseeable future?

Yes, I can say that we are very close to finalise the show in Canada, maybe even more than one. I can’t say anything yet but it will happen probably in September!

We love playing the countries we haven’t played before. We recently played couple shows in Mexico and they were brilliant. I would never expect than we have so many fans out there, and I’m sure we will be back! Also we are working on a few shows in Asia this year – We have 4 shows in Japan in October – another place we have never been before.

Have you ever thought of doing your own rendition of “Bubbles” in support of your boys on West Ham?

We used to use this song as our intro during live shows but never thought we should play or record it.

Who were some of your influences coming up in the oi! punk scene? What are some bands you guys enjoy listening to? Any up and coming bands you think we should get wise to?

We listen to lots of different genres and styles. But as for the Oi! punk I think we all love Sparrer the most. Their latest album is amazing. Plus they are our good friends. We love them.

What’s up next for Booze and Glory? Another record perhaps? Or do you plan on doing some touring before getting back into the studio?

This year, and probably next year to, is all about touring. Between March and November 2017 we have over 100 shows booked. We have been on the road pretty much non-stop since the beginning of March. Done 16000 miles across Europe and we recently came back from our 4 week tour in the US and Mexico. We have few UK shows to play in June, then there are the summer festivals. In September we are going back to the US (and Canada) then in October we have Japan! So it’s pretty intense.  

Thanks again for your time, and congratulations on the new record, it’s top shelf. All of us in North America look forward to seeing Booze and Glory firsthand!

Hope to see you guys in September! All the best!

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