DS Interview: Trever Keith (Face to Face) on his “Tried And True” cooking show

As you may have heard by now, Trever Keith and Chad Yaro of veteran SoCal punk band Face To Face have teamed up with renowned chef Nicolas Bour to launch an Indiegogo campaign with the hopes of producing the pilot episode of their very own cooking show. Entitled Tried And True, the show is going to focus on guests from the outside-the-mainstream art and culture worlds. We were lucky enough to catch up with Trever to discuss the idea behind trying to start a punk rock cooking show, how he and Chad crossed paths with Chef Bour, and what exactly they have up their sleeves. Click here to check out our Q&A session.

Dying Scene (Jay Stone): First and foremost, I suppose the obvious question is: “Why a cooking show?”
Trever Keith: I’m a fan of cooking shows. In addition to music, I am also interested in cooking and I do most of the cooking in my house. I think pairing up musicians, artists, actors etc. with chefs is a no-brainer.

There’s certainly been no shortage of new food-related shows on the airwaves in recent years. Why now, and what does Tried And True bring to the table that was missing before?
I think Nic (our host) is the biggest difference. He’s authentic. He’s an actual real accomplished chef with an amazing list of credentials, but he’s also like me and others who are punk rock fans and completely DIY.

Any favorite sort of cooking or lifestyle shows that you like and that you’re using for inspiration for this project?
No because this one will be different. One of the only personalities out there that I really like is Anthony Bourdain. There aren’t enough of those kind of characters/people in the cooking show space.

I suppose that simply calling Tried And True a cooking show is understating it a bit. It seems from your recent video (check it out here) that it’s really equal parts cooking show and underground lifestyle show. Is that accurate?
Ultimately it is a lifestyle show that will focus on the arts but specifically underground and arts outside of the mainstream.

Nicolas Bour is currently based in San Diego and has established quite a name for himself in the culinary world (check his site out here) and brings this project a lot of cred from his world. What do you tell people that might not be familiar with him?
He’s accomplished, but he’s real because he’s worked and fought for everything he’s achieved. It’s the epitome of the DIY ethic. He’s also a big fan of good music, not just music in general. He’s a bit of a tastemaker.

How did you guys cross paths?
When he was running his own restaurant in ATL called “Iris”, he invited the band in for a meal on our tour before a show. He had been a fan of the band and wanted to give back to us in the way that he could share his work. That in essence is the inspiration for the show.

You launched an Indiegogo to help with the funding for the pilot episode of Tried And True (check it out and contribute here) It seems to me to be a rad concept; is it still a goal to go through with the project if the initial goal isn’t met?
Not sure, but we’re going to do whatever we need to to make the show happen. Right now the campaign is going really well, so it looks like we might actually meet our goal. We really need some more people to get involved to help push us to our goal.

If the project does get off the ground, do you have any cool, ideal guests in mind for future episodes?
The sky’s the limit once we’re up and running, but we’re going to reach out to some of the people we know personally for the pilot. I can’t really say at this point who it will be exactly, but we have friends in the tattoo world, action sports, of course music, and film, that we are reaching out to so it will definitely be someone cool.

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