DS News: Nasty Cut Records announces first bands and venues for Fifth Anniversary Fest

Happy Hump Day! And we are here with updates for last week’s announcement. Today Nasty Cut Records announced the first bands who will be joining the three-day festival and the first venues.
First let us tell the venues, as these are important:

The festival will be hosted in Underwerket and Valby Kulturhus, two venues that are conveniently placed next to each other on Copenhagen’s Toftegårds Plads. Nasty Cut Records’ hardworking employee, Andrew, provided the following statement in relation to the choice of venues:
“Underwerket has been an important part of Nasty Cut’s history in Copenhagen since 2018. All of our shows have been housed there and it’s an important venue for the Copenhagen scene, if you ask me.
The people behind the venue and its booking collective have always had our backs and supported us. Having the first edition of our festival take place in Underwerket, is our way to pay an homage to it, and of course involving its bigger brother, Valby Kulturhus, was the obvious way of extending the festival experience.”

The Line-up:

The first round of bands is now announced, and it contains nonother than the following:

Hippie Trim (DE):

Back in 2019, right before the release of their debut album “Cult”, Hippie Trim sold out their first-ever show, toured with Drug Church, and scored various playlist placements with only having released one single! Impressive right? The band has recently released their second album “What Consumes Me” which further proves that heaviness and melody are not mutually exclusive.

Forever Unclean (DK):

Copenhagen’s own local punk heroes, once describe as “Denmark’s cutest band”. Having toured extensively around the world and with multiple notable releases in their discography, it only made sense they would play in the first ever festival their label organizes. Woof!

Burnt Tapes (UK):

London’s regret punk pioneers are no strangers to any DIY scene, especially the one in Copenhagen. Known for their unique style and for being potentially the only band in the world who has released an EP bundled with an actual Beech tree instead of vinyl or cd, the Burnt Tapes are a band you don’t want to miss. Ask anyone who has seen them 

Omsorg (DK):

Fresh post-hardcore trio hailing from Aalborg, DK. With only their recently released debut album “Moments, Movements” in their discography, Omsorg has already established their brand of hardcore. Their sound is hard, raw, honest, and evocative and it is a band everyone should have on their radar!

You can buy tickets here

There we have it, the first bands to the line-up and if you want to check out the bands. Nasty Cut Records made a playlist where they will be updating as the line-up grows. Which you can check out below and give the bands a listen.

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