DS Photo Gallery: Bum City Saints, United Defiance, The Lonely Revolts, The Rinds at SUB Mission SF

A couple weeks ago I spent a Saturday with the boys of Bum City Saints. The band is getting ready to release their newest album in the coming months and invited me to their practice space to check out the development. As the sun set, we cleaned up in preparation for the night’s performances. It was to be a night of local Bay Area street punk at the ol SUB Mission in San Francisco, with Bum City Saints as the headliner.

First to the stage was The Rinds. The Oakland -based trio is currently recording their third album, and plays a classic sound of the streets, with a tinge of surf and sun. Despite the crowd’s lack of energy, the band really rocked it and has great stage presence and crisp, quality lines. I had never seen the band before, but they surely made a fan out of me right away. You can listen to their latest album, “Kick It In” below, and fall in love for yourself.

Next up to wow the crowd was The Lonely Revolts from Monterey. The guys just released their second full-length album, “Broken Bones Burning Hearts”, and they hit the stage with explosive energy ready to unleash their sound to the masses. With jumps, kicks, bridges, and ripping gang vocals, The Lonely Revolts was really a pleasure to see.

With the theme of street punk firmly cemented in the air, Concord, CA’s United Defiance took to the stage and tore it up. Gritty, edgy, and fast is balanced with melodic whoah’s and thrashable riffs. Talk about a photographer’s dream, guitarist Rich Brown’s jumps are impeccable and add such a delight to live music. By this time the crowd was finally warming up, with a little movement on the dance floor eventually gaining some momentum for the final act.

I have never been to a bad Bum City Saints show, and this time was no exception. From the first chord to the last cymbal crash, the band kicks ass. There are no slow songs, no down time or moment to catch your breath – you know the moment they come on stage that you better hold on tight for the ride. The band will be releasing their newest album in the next few months so stay tuned for more updates as they become available.

Have a look at all of the night’s photos below.


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