DS Photo Gallery: Scallywag Festival 2018 – Denver

Festival Season is starting to slow down as Winter approaches, but there’s still quite a few lingering around for the next few weeks before it goes completely silent! Scallywag Fest, although a newcomer to the arena, is one of the better festival! Not only do you get some incredible music like Mad Caddies, The Interrupters, Bad Religion and Rancid, you also get to enjoy a few hours of free craft beer tasting! Free beer and punk rock? sign us up! We sent senior staffer, Anarchopunk out the opening day  in his new hometown of Denver and he actually stayed sober enough to get some pretty rad shots! If you’re in the path of this one (check out the complete list of dates and stops here), we’d highly recommend getting your lazy ass off of the couch and going. Enjoy the full photo gallery of the opening day, below!

Kicking things off at Fiddler’s Green was local favorites, Potato Pirates. I heard of this emerging street punk act before but despite the fact that I am now a Deverite (?), they were actually the only band on this incredible docket that I hadn’t seen live so I was uber-stoked to finally catch a set! And the lads did not disappoint! Before they even got halfway through their thrity minute set, vocalist/bagpiper Scott Risch launched off stage and ran 120 yards up hill to the green just to start a circle pit with us ‘poor folks’. I cannot wait to see more of these guys!

Next up, The Sultans of Ska, Mad Caddies. I have always been a fan of the Solving, CA natives and never get tired of their live sets. Scallywag was no exception. They played some older classics but stuck mainly to the newer material like “Brand New Scar” and “Love Myself” from 2014’s Dirty Rice as well as their rendition of NOFX’s “She’s Gone” from their latest cover LP. I always get a little hypnotized by trombonist Eduardo Hernandez and forget to take pictures of the others, but I tried to move around a little more this time! 

San Fernando Valley’s finest ska band, The Interrupters always draw a fantastic crowd. Their energy and uncanny ability to connect with a large spectrum of punks (and beyond) is no doubt what lures people in like a siren’s song. I’m not going to say that people only came for this set, but I saw more Interrupters shirts than anything, so I’d say that they were on top of most people’s ‘To-See’ list. Among the songs they played were “She Got Arrested” “Turntable” and an awesomely poppy cover of Op Ivy’s classic, “Soundsystem”!

Punk rock gods, Bad Religion were slotted in the middle of the lineup, prior to Pennywise, which left some scratching their heads but I’d like to think it’s because they’re old and just wanted to get to the buffet in time for dinner. I kid, I kid! But really,  their seminal album Suffer turned 30 this year! It seems like it was just yesterday, I was blasting it in my bedroom while pretending to do homework. To celebrate the LP’s birthday, the venerable veterans played through it, in it’s entirety and it was glorious!

The crowd exploded when punk legends Bad Religion took the stage


The penultimate act of the night was Hermosa Beach’s very own Pennywise! Through the 45 minute set, they touched on mostly older classics from their heyday in the 90’s-00’s but they also sprinkled in a few songs from their newest album Never Gonna Die and they even snuck in a nifty little cover of Sublime’s “Same in The End” which felt extremely natural, even if they only did the first verse of it. And get this! You’ll never believe it, but they closed the set with “Bro Hymn”!

Rounding out the night was ska heavyweights, Rancid! The audience was in full throat when frontman Tim Armstrong sauntered on stage and grew even more uproarious when the rest of the band followed shortly behind. If I’m honest, I was pretty toasty by this point so I don’t really remember many of the songs they played but I do remember it being heavy with …And Out Come The Wolves era songs along with a few from the new Troublemaker LP.

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