DS Photo Gallery & Show Review: MxPx, Allister, and Kris Roe in Pomona, CA (2/1/14)

“We ain’t got no place to go, let’s go to the punk rock show!” On February 1st, I headed to Pomona, CA to catch the sold out MxPx, Allister, and Kris Roe (of The Ataris) show at The Glass House. As anyone who was young and learning about punk music in the 90s knows, MxPx is a pop-punk staple, with a career spanning 21 years. Regardless if you still listen to them regularly, they put on one hell of a show.

Kris Roe opened the show with an acoustic set. His set consisted of a variety of songs, but the crowd favorites were definitely The Ataris songs (he opened with “In This Diary” – which I am sure excited fans looking forward to the So Long, Astoria reunion tour). For me, the highlight of his set was when Mike Herrera joined him for an acoustic cover of Rancid’s “Olympia WA.” Mike mentioned that his side project (Tumbledown) has toured with The Ataris and he enjoyed being able to have Kris Roe there supporting MxPx. Regardless how you feel about either band or solo/side project, it’s pretty cool to see the bonds between different musicians and how they support one another.

Next up was Chicago’s Allister. I had never seen them live before, but they came out swinging. Their energy and pop punk melodies lit up the crowd (and the band looked like they were having a great time). If I didn’t know better, I could have sworn it was the late 1990s – as they didn’t seem as though they had lost their enthusiasm for their entire catalogue. They were a great opening act to get the crowd ready for MxPx.

I have seen MxPx more times than I can count and they are always a good time. This show was no exception. Even though the three original members do not all tour and perform together, the music is still as vibrant as always. Mike Herrera obviously enjoys performing live and interacting with the crowd. The band played crowd favorites spanning their 21 year career, including “Move to Bremerton,” “Chick Magnet,” “Party, My House, Be There,” and “Responsibility.” In the middle of the show, they slowed it down with Mike playing a series of acoustic songs – a few from Tumbledown and also the MxPx favorites “Secret Weapon” and “Cristalena.” It is obvious that MxPx has played an important role in the lives of many of their fans (this show included an on-stage proposal of longtime fans) as the sold-out crowd sang along and created several circle pits throughout the audience. Here’s to hoping they tour for another 20 years. Check out the photo gallery from the show below.

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