DS Photo Gallery: The Briggs at Punk Rock Bowling

Saturday marked the official start to Punk Rock Bowling, and after a late, drunken Friday night, there was nothing more I could look forward to than trying to bowl. The day began at about 10:30am, as I dragged myself to the shuttle area, where I, along with my esteemed DS cohorts, would be whisked away to the Gold Coast Casino. I vowed that this year, I would pace myself and not get completely obliterated before bowling even ended. This vow was deemed futile when the guys from Stabbed In Back offered me a grain alcohol shooter of some sort.

Anyway, long story short, we bowled our hearts out but fell just short…of last place. After a little liquid therapy to ease the pain of defeat, I headed inside the festival just in time to catch The Briggs.

The festival began at 3:30 with The Dirty Panties, followed by Tartar Control, Revilers, and CH3 (who I’m bummed I didn’t get to see). Head here to view shots from The Briggs’ set, and check back tomorrow for Swingin’ Utters!

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