DS Record Radar: This Week in Punk Vinyl (Rancid – “B Sides and C Sides” repress, The Ergs, Hilltop Rats, The Yum Yums & More!)

Greetings, and welcome to the Dying Scene Record Radar. If it’s your first time here, thank you for joining us! This is the weekly* column where we cover all things punk rock vinyl; new releases, reissues… you name it, we’ve probably got it. Kick off your shoes, pull up a chair, crack open a cold one, and break out those wallets, because it’s go time. Let’s get into it!

Check out the video edition of this week’s Record Radar, presented by our friends at Punk Rock Radar:

This week’s first record is from The Yum Yums, a great bubblegum pop-punk band from Norway. They have a new record called Poppin’ Up Again due out next month on Screaming Apple Records. It’s available to pre-order on black wax (limited to 500 copies) right here, and shiny red vinyl (100 copies) right here. Unfortunately, no tracks are streaming yet, but if you haven’t already heard of the Yum Yums just know that they have my ringing endorsement. If you don’t trust my opinion, just check out their last record:

2 hours down I-4 from yours truly, Orlando, Florida’s Suck Brick Kid are releasing a new record on local label Smartpunk Records. If you enjoy newer pop-punk, you’ll wanna pick up a copy of The End is What I Want on one of these pleasantly named color variants: Urinal Cake Vinyl (ltd. 100), and/or Shit ‘n Piss Vinyl (ltd. 400). Check out a few tracks below and pre-order the record here – it’s due out May 17th.

New Jersey pop-punk veterans The Ergs have announced a 2xLP 20th Anniversary reissue of the cult favorite dorkrockcorkrod. LP1 is the original mix, remastered by Justin Perkins (Screeching Weasel, the Riverdales, the Manges, etc.) at Mystery Room Mastering. LP2 is a brand new 20th Anniversary remix of the album, completed by Steve Albini using the original master tapes. This one’s due out June 5th on Don Giovanni Records; not sure how many copies were pressed but the splatter variant looks pretty sweet. Get it here.

Rancid‘s B Sides and C Sides compilation LP seems to be getting its first official repress in a decade, as a random pre-order has popped up on Amazon with a listed street date of May 3rd. Details are nebulous at the moment; aside from the cover art looking pink instead of red, I’ve seen some conflicting information. Amazon and this store both list Pirates Press as the label, but one says its a Double LP and the other does not. There also seems to be some debate about the release date. I rolled the dice and pre-ordered it, surely Bezos won’t disappoint.

The Circle Jerks and Descendents are on tour with the Adolescents right now (no, you did not just step out of a time machine in the mid-80’s). They celebrated the tour’s kickoff with a 7″ on which they cover a few of each others’ classic songs. The Descendents take on “Red Tape”, “I Want Some Skank”, and “Beverly Hills”; the Circle Jerks put their spin on “Kabuki Girl” and “Hope”.

Like a lot of the shows on the tour, literally every variant of this 7″ sold out fast as hell. The (potentially) good new is, you can (potentially) get a copy from the bands’ merch tables on tour. There’s a tour exclusive splatter variant, limited to 500 copies and signed by both bands (it seems these are limited to 20 per show), and it sounds like they’ll both have the red color variant as well. Peep the dates here.

Denver punks SPELLS have a new record coming out on April 11th on Rad Girlfriend, Shield Recordings, and a few other venerable labels. Check out the lead single from Past Our Prime below and pre-order the record on “Snowy White” and/or “Blade Bullet” colored vinyl right here. The first 80 people to pre-order will get a hand numbered alternate cover art print. Cool!

Another leak from big dawg Bezos at Amazon.com – looks like The Dwarves are releasing a new “mini LP” not even 6 months after their latest record Concept Album. Keep It Reel features 7 new songs, 2 remixes, and “All for You” from the band’s aforementioned 2023 LP. Here’s the tracklist:

1. One Musketeer
2. Voodoo
3. Kinda Konsensual
4. Nobody Fucked You
5. I Had a Dream
6. Blast Off
7. Parasite
8. Invisible People
9. We Won’t Skate
10. All For You

Pop-punk supergruppe The Phase Problem‘s lineup includes members of SquirtgunThe Murderburgers, City Mouse, and a bunch of other great bands. Their 2023 debut album was 10 years in the making. Luckily the wait for album #2 was not nearly as long; The Power of Positive Thinking is due out next month on Lavasocks Records (US), Brassneck Records (UK), and Stardumb Records (EU). The record features guest appearances from Heather Tabor from the Teen Idols and original Squirtgun frontman Matt Hart, among others. It’s limited to 250 copies on red w/ yellow splatter colored vinyl. Pre-order this shit!

One of the marquee releases featured on the last Record Radar was NOFX‘s new EP Half Album. At the time, all the color variants were sold out, but since then a new variant on “green-gold” colored vinyl (whatever that means) has popped up on some European distros including Green Hell Records, Coretex Records, and Cruise Records. Supposedly this is limited to 500 copies and exclusive to German indie stores. I guess if you missed out on all the others (or you’re sick in the head and collect every NOFX variant) this is a good option for you to import.

Israeli punks Free Sergio new record The Nail in the Coffee is being released on vinyl by our friends at Punk Rock Radar, Cat’s Claw Records and High End Demin Records. Limited to 100 copies on yellow wax, this is a highly recommended pickup for fans of melodic punk with a harder edge (No Fun At All, Satanic Surfers, Belvedere, etc.). There’s even some ska-core sprinkled in here and there. Check the record out below and pre-order it here (US), here (Canada), or here (UK).

Washington State melodic punks Hilltop Rats are back with a new record for the first time in a long time. I’m about halfway through my first listen as I’m typing this and can confidently proclaim this is a god damn banger. Life You Lead is out now on Felony Records, with three bitchin’ color variants; one of those already sold out so quit fucking around and get your copy.

Everyone’s favorite Green Day album Warning is back in print on colored vinyl for the first time in a decade. The new Florescent Green color variant is up for pre-order everywhere but ol’ reliable Amazon is probably the cheapest place you can get it.

Dutch pop-punks Jetlag Jenny have a new 3-song EP called Animal Escapades due out April 19th on White Russian Records. Check out one of the tracks below and click this link to grab the 7″ on green and/or blue colored vinyl (each limited to 125 copies).

Days N Daze are releasing an LP of demos from recording session for their latest album Show Me the Blueprints. That includes five (5) never-before-heard songs. Very cool! The record is streaming now but the physical release won’t be out on SBÄM Records ’til May 31st. Get it here on one (or all three) of the following color variants: Dopamine, Cosmic Green, Dirty Orange. Limited to 200 copies each.

German punks Resolutions are releasing their sophomore album Monster Mirror on May 24th via End Hits Records. The lead single “Drop Dead” is great and the record comes in a pretty sweet looking reflective silver jacket. 3 variants: 50x lobster red, 200x black / white swirl (get both of those here), and 50x dewdrop (get it at the band’s shows).

New York pop-punk band Egghead (whose existence I’m just now being alerted to) released a compilation album called Dumb Songs for Smart People on Mutant Pop Records in 1999. 25 years later, it’s being released on vinyl for the first time thanks to the friendly people at Dead Broke Rekerds and Mom’s Basement Records. And as I finished writing this and went to look for links to pre-order I realized this shit is not up for pre-order lmaooooo. Well, when it is, it’ll be available on red and white color variants. Also probably worth noting these guys are playing some shows with the Ergs and Boris the Sprinkler in July.

Well, that’s all, folks. Another Record Radar in the books. As always, thank you for tuning in. If there’s anything we missed (highly likely), or if you want to let everyone know about a new/upcoming vinyl release you’re excited about, leave us a comment below, or send us a message on Facebook or Instagram, and we’ll look into it. Enjoy your weekend, and don’t blow too much money on spinny discs (or do, I’m not your father). See ya next time!

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